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Redevelopment of Project (Tenant & Society )

Project development involves organizing and planning all the variables that go into a project, including deciding materials, creating a budget and creating tasks for team members.

Society Formaiton

As we aware that formation of society brings friendly atmosphere within the members and it makes easy for the Hob’ble appointed members to conduct day to day activities for the betterment of the society...

Mortgage Deed Registration

A mortgage deed is, in short, a document that contains all details concerning the loan given including the parties involved, details of the property kept as collateral, loan amount, interest rate, and more.

Property Card Name Transfer (7/12)

All you have to do is visit the Revenue Commissioner's office and submit the documents given below as well as an application form requesting the name change in the official property records.

Tenancy Transfer

Approval of the landlord for the transfer of the tenancy from the outgoing tenant to the new tenant. All the liabilities of the outgoing tenant such as rent, taxes, utility bills and other pending dues have been duly paid.

Leave & License Online / Offline

The leave and license agreement in India is a contract between the owner of the property and the person who wants to use the property. This agreement is usually for a period of 11 months and can be renewed.

Power of Attorney

What Is a Power of Attorney (POA)? The term power of attorney (POA) refers to a legal authorization that gives a designated person the power to act for someone else. As such, a POA gives the agent or attorney-in-fact the authority to act on behalf of the principal.

Trust Deed Pvt. Ltd & Public

Under trust deed, the settlor transfers the identifiable property to the trustees and makes it obligatory for the trustees to work and manage the trust as per the terms and conditions specified in the trust deed

Marriage Registration (Govt. &BMC )

The groom or the bride should be a permanent resident of India for obtaining the marriage certificate in Maharashtra. At the time of the marriage, the concerned party should have a living spouse.

Stamp Duty Refund

The application of refund of stamp duty can be made within 2 years from the date of execution or the said agreements for sale is canceled by separate deed of cancellation, by recording the facts for cancellation on the ground of dispute such as (inadequate finance, financial dispute in terms of agreed consideration

Deed of Release

A release deed is a document through which an individual gives up their right or title over a property or any other asset in favour of another individual. For example, Ajay and Vijay inherited a house as legal heirs after their father's death as there was no will.

Will Registration

A will is a document that contains your direct wishes for your property and assets, as well as the care of your dependents. Failure to prepare a will typically leaves decisions about your estate in the hands of judges or state officials and may also cause family strife.

Liaisoning Work

A liaison officer is an employee who builds and maintains mutually beneficial relationships, facilitates communications and coordinates activities among two or more people, agencies or organizations.

Gift deed

The gift deed is an instrument through which the immovable or movable property owner transfers his/her property to another person without consideration as a gift. The person gifting his/her property is called the donor, and the person accepting the gift is the done

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